The Story.

The Wobbly Press story was born one summer day in 2008 . Tom and his father Glyn were enjoying a pint of cider (if you can call it that) on Brighton's seafront. For years they have been making cider for their family and friends, but whilst drinking this pretty average pint of cider, the idea dawned why not make more cider than normal and offer a proper REAL cider for the good people of Brighton and Sussex to enjoy. At that time none existed!

At the beginning of harvest in 2008 the first apples were pressed. Being self funded Tom had to sell the majority pressed as juice, to bring some money in quickly to help fund for the year to come and buy a proper press. (you may or may not know it as Wobblegate Crushed Fruit Juice now) The rest of the juice was racked off into fermenting barrels and left to naturally ferment for as long as it needed. It took 6 months to ferment and another 6 to mature!

In 2010 the first bottle of cider was made from this first batch. It was sold under the Wobblegate family name as Wobblegate Sussex Scrumpy. Over time Wobblegate became really well known as a family friendly juice brand and cider and its story became ever increasingly more difficult to tell. In 2017 we decided to let our ciders speak for themselves and not be overshadowed by its big brother.

The Wobbly Press Cidery was born!

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