The Wobbly Press Origins.

The Origins are single or multiple variety apple only cider! The Origins of true cider.

No. 01

Still dry cider / ABV 6.1%

The Boxer is as prodigious as he is cultured. He doesn't look much but he certainly packs a punch. Hazy, unfiltered and unpasteurised, he is raw and unrefined. Golden blonde in colour, low in tannin and crisp with a short finish. His invitingly fragrant, appley aroma means he can be underestimated, but beware, The Boxer can be a fierce competitor and he is deceptively strong. Medium in body and dry to the tongue. Still cider. Gluten free.

Food pairing: pork & lamb

Sold in: Bottles (750ml) | BiB 20L

Currently avaiable in: Bottles (750ml)

No. 02

Still medium cider / ABV 5.0%

The press tating notes: Our traditional Sussex Medium Still Cider. Crisp refreshing and beach ready, this cider is low-tannin and made with our finest dessert and culinary apples to give it a unique taste and aroma. Highly refreshing, medium in body and a real thirst quencher. Made with no added preservatives, sugars or sulphites, this cider is nothing but pure Wobbly Press.

Food pairing: white fish & crustesious

Sold in: Bottles (500ml) | BiB 20L

Currently avaiable in: Bottles (500ml)

No. 03

Still medium/dry apple cider / ABV 5.0%

The Brighton Rocker is our slightly hardened full throttle cider. Its partner The Brighton Mod is the sweeter fizzier counter-part. The Brighton Rocker is still and has a slightly ore full-bodied apple base. Still session-able, it is a perfect match along side The Brighton Mod. Best served chilled. Still cider. Gluten free.

Sold in: BiB 20L

Currently avaiable in: BiB 20L

No. 04

Sparkling medium apple cider / ABV 5.0%

The Brighton Mod is a sparkling cider made with our dessert & culinary apple base. It is a great cider out of keg, bursting of apple flavour at just the right strength to be session-able. We dropped The Brighton Mod in to knock out those silly made from concentrate ciders (if you can even call them ciders). It's counter-part is the less champagne styled The Brighton Rocker. Best served chilled. Sparkling cider. Gluten free.

Sold in: Keg 30L (one way dolium kegs)

Currently avaiable in: Keg 30L